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Dear Mr. Bishop

Most recently while different contractors where coming and going at our home, performing various tasks, some related to
extending the cage and some doing other things were not related, I had the pleasure of meeting two who stood head and
shoulders above all others.  Their names are Arin and Chris who erected the screen and metal frame.

You may be sure that it was not only me that took notice of the fine work, and the way they conducted themselves, but my
neighbors, visitors and at least one other professional person also had positive comments about the work being done, and made
very complementary statements about Arin and Chris who were doing their part of the job.

Thank you very much Robert
Dear Mike and Rex

This brief note comes a little later than I had hoped for... However, I did want to share my thoughts with
you bot regarding the removal and installation of my new mansard pool cage.

Firstly, you were very quick to respond to my search for appropriate bids... Following your bid, I did
request the same effort from at least six other installers.. Only one came near your quotation bid.

Secondly, when I did ask when you might be able to get at this task...... and when it might be completed,
you provided an approximate time table of six to eight weeks.. I was pleased to see that you were able to
meet that time frame.

Thirdly, the quality of the job was impressive... and, this was noticed by so many of my golf buddies who
couldn't help but observe it's appearance as they played the 10th green..  The choice of going with the
bronze color and using stainless steel anchors added further to the project.

Finally, as I frequently chatted with the installers, it was very satisfing to feell that they were so
knowledgeable, and receptive to my thoughts and/or suggestioins fo making the cage as sturdy as


Sincerely, Vincent
You did a beautiful job and both my
husband and myself are well pleased

Thank you Winifred
My husband and I would like to "Thank You" for doing a great job on our pool cage.  
Everyone we dealt with was very polite and professional.  You should be very proud of
your staff.

We found that your company was very honest and kept their word on everything in
regards to the project.

Thank You again for turning a bad situation into a pleasant experience!

P.S. We have already recommended you to a few of our friends.
Dear Rex,

Both Dan and I are extremely
pleased.  Also I need to tell you, the
inspector that came out said he was,
also impressed!  

Well Thanks Again!  Tom
Thank You So much for the beautiful Pool Cage, I just love it & my kitty sends her
Thank You Too as she can finally go outside again, She said its Just PuRRRRfect
Thank you for getting the work done
so quickly - it was very much
appreciated.  Pool Cage looks great!  


Came home this morning to a
beautiful new pool cage.  It is much
nicer then the one we had before.  
Thank you very much for your good

Aluminum Works

Thank you, Mike

Your crew did an outstanding job!  We are very happy.

Adding the extra super gutter was an excellent idea.  Thanks to Rex for realizing we
needed it